Reviews of Oasys - Mini Hollywood at  The directory and community site for Almeria, Spain

Reviews of Oasys - Mini Hollywood at The directory and community site for Almeria, Spain

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Member Reviews 

Oasys - Mini Hollywood

Reviews are done by Viva-Almeria members, we take no responsibility for content or accuracy.
As with any review system, it is open to abuse from advertisers and their competitors.

mthomas73 wrote on Thu 10 July 2008 ...

I visited a place called Poblado Del Oeste or Mini Hollywood in October 2007 Looking on the internet I made the mistake of looking for the name "Poblado Del Oeste" or Mini Hollywood & ended up visiting a counterfeit place instead of the proper Mini Hollywood site. I was faced at the first gate with people who didn''t speak any English whatsoever and we were lied to & conned into thinking there were other people on site so we were told to pay at the first gate. Once we paid we were led to where the main site would be but there was nobody there at all!! & the park was in a VERY bad and old state. We stayed there about 10minutes before we left!!!

I must point out that the proper Mini Hollywood is called OASYS and not Poblado Del Oeste, in fact there isn''t any indication at the front of OASYS that it is called Mini Hollywood until you are inside the site, so there is a chance you could miss it.

So my advice to people is to look for only the name OASYS & nothing else!! After this mistake the next day I visited OASYS & the kids really enjoyed it. Quite expensive but worth it especially comparing it to the other place!!

About the reviewer (mthomas73) ...

Became a member on Sep 12, 2007 and has since viewed 81 pages.

christine wrote on Sun 2 December 2007 ...
Visited in October, the day was glorious not too hot and not many visitors. Loved the cowboy shootouts, thought the Zoo was excellent, the swimming pool (although we didn''t go in) looked so inviting. The setting was beautiful. Great value with so much to see and do. The vending machines around for drinks etc were good, and prices reasonable 1 euro for an ice cold bottle of water. Plenty to do and see to spend a whole day. A really good day out with something for everyone. Would definately visit again.

About the reviewer (christine) ...

Became a member on Jun 28, 2004 and has since viewed 44911 pages.
This member has posted 343 messages in the forum (view these).
This member has written 3 reviews (view these).

wifeybear wrote on Tue 25 September 2007 ...
we went in august and had a fab day out .plenty to see and do and unlike delgardo found the stables extremley clean.our ages range from 2 to 46 and we all equaly enjoyed our selves.compared with the prices you pay to visit a uk zoo without all the extras you find at mini hollywood we found it reasonably priced.
it was boiling hot the day we went and found the pool most welcoming for a refreshing dip.going back in a couple of weeks with more family members.cant wait.

About the reviewer (wifeybear) ...

Became a member on Feb 25, 2007 and has since viewed 2785 pages.
This member has posted 6 messages in the forum (view these).
This member has written 2 reviews (view these).

delgardo wrote on Mon 3 September 2007 ...
Myself , husband and a friend were at MH a week ago and in the main enjoyed the facilities, I had been twice before when it was simpler ( and I thought better) The main worries for me were that the stables, open to the public were the filthiest I have ever seen, horses were eating their own faeces! The staff seemed both indifferent and bored, apart from the bar staff who were fine. Both these things are so easlily dealt with, maybe with some staff training, as the actual place is great.
Just one more thing as your sign said the mongoose is a social animal, the one we saw was alone and obviously distessed, please help him.

About the reviewer (delgardo) ...

Became a member on Sep 03, 2007 and has since viewed 31 pages.

hillbern wrote on Mon 27 August 2007 ...
Very good day out although the price seemed expensive to start with you had a very good zoo, swimming pool,, 3 shows, gardens,lovley walks, and spectacular views where in this country could you get all this without the queues! and as we went mid August in the heat (which we coped with very well) thought this was very good value for money and will certainly visit again. The car park was full on our visit so we were able to park in the coach park for free

About the reviewer (hillbern) ...

Became a member on Oct 20, 2005 and has since viewed 462 pages.
This member has written 2 reviews (view these).

markrogers wrote on Fri 10 August 2007 ...
Not exactly cheap, but the kids loved the live cowboy show with the shooting and hanging. A good day out given the animal park and fair resaurant. Suggest if you want to buy drinks avoid saloon prices.

About the reviewer (markrogers) ...

Became a member on Aug 10, 2007 and has since viewed 10 pages.
This member has written 2 reviews (view these).

DebnLes wrote on Thu 12 July 2007 ...
We went to Mini Hollywood on the 30th June 2007. Highly recommended for all ages, the Wild West Show is great fun. The Zoo looked fantastic but it was so hot we could not get round it all. The Buffet was fantastic for the money and you could never go home empty after all that food. The Yellow Rose bar is good with video game machines and a pool table ( beware of children spectating and even moving the ball around the table, i taught him a Spanish word that he would not learn at school and he got the message ! ). The one thing they do not tell you about at your Hotel Rep metings is about the swimming pool which is a must to cool off. Another tip is to drink loads of water as it is in a desert. There is also loads of walking. It could do with a Road Train at the top of the hill near the parrots to get you around. The Parrot Show was good and even though it was in Spanish you could understand what was going on. Definately worth going too, cannot recommend it enough, there is something for everyone. You do not realise just how many films have been made here until watching old Cowboy movies and recognising the sets. One final thing if you are all still awake, take a look at the name of the Monkey House, it''ll make you giggle.

About the reviewer (DebnLes) ...

Became a member on Jul 12, 2007 and has since viewed 149 pages.
This member has written 4 reviews (view these).

cucador wrote on Mon 4 June 2007 ...
Just ''done'' Mini Hollywood, Great day out and good value for money. Be aware that it''s a bit hard on the feet! Lots of walking involved so comfy shoes a must. Very clean and the animals looked in good condition. The wild west town was good fun. Would go again as we didn''t manage to get around all the zoo area. Would be a bit too hot in July and August.
The only downside is the parking fee at 18euros entrance fee for adults the parking should be free.

About the reviewer (cucador) ...

Became a member on Jun 04, 2007 and has since viewed 26 pages.
This member has written 3 reviews (view these).

plugman wrote on Mon 7 May 2007 ...
took my daughter here for her 5th birthday on the 6th May. The weather forecast was for good weather and my wife phoned in advance to check what was and wasn''t open. All was open including swimming pool. Parked the car at a cost of 2.50. The park entrance costs are 18.00 for adults and 9.00 for children. Word of advice, if you pay for the buffet lunch at the same time as your entrance fee, you get a 2 euros discount per person on your lunch cost. First thing that struck me was how clean and tidy it all seemed to be. I think another reviewer recommended not wearing open sandles or shoes, good advice as there are some very dusty areas, especially around the western town. Had a drink at the bar while taking in the can-can show. My advice to the girls doing the show, don''t give up your day job! Pretty poor. We checked out the pool area which appeared to be closed so headed off for the zoo area. It''s huge! Give yourself plenty of time to have a good look around. I was impressed with the range of animals and most seemed to have large enclosures, although a couple seemed a bit on the small side. I especially liked the tiger enclosure, it really is a very beautiful animal. All the animals seem to be well taken care of. We then headed for the parrot show which is under cover, good to keep the sun off you, or in our case, the rain! It poured down for about 30 minutes. The show itself was OK, but the parrots needed lots of coaxing from the trainer to do the tricks. Maybe it was the weather, I don''t know. It stopped raining so we headed off to do more of the zoo which seems to go on forever and also made use of the train which does a small route around the zoo, including a 10 minute stop for refreshments and a look around. We left without seeing all the zoo as we wanted to head back for the stunt show. The show was fine, not too loud on the day, but a little slow and slightly disjointed. We then went to pick up our pictures we had done earlier in the day of us in traditional wild west costume. This was 7 euros each. Normally 12 euros but they have an offer on.
On the whole.....a good day and would probably come again. The buffet comes highly recommended, it was fabulous with a really good choice of food. You can sit outside or in the air conditioned restaurant. Drinks aren''t included in the buffet price.
The pool didn''t in fact open at all, even though after the rain stopped it was very warm and sunny. Looks nice though, big pool, jacizzi and a couple of small water slides.
On reflection I think the entrance fee is 2-3 euros overpriced and I don''t think if you''re paying 18 euros, you should have to fork out for parking as well. At least the parking is undercover.
Not sure i could do this park in July or August. I think the heat would be unbearable.

About the reviewer (plugman) ...

Became a member on Apr 10, 2007 and has since viewed 82 pages.
This member has written 3 reviews (view these).

richard32 wrote on Fri 4 May 2007 ...
I''ve been to Mini Hollywood (now called Oasis) twice now and have thoroughly enjoyed it both times. The entrance fee seems quite high at first glance, but is well worth it. The wild west set is fantastic and the shows are all very authentic and well performed. It''s interesting to see the old set and have your photo taken in costume - pay 7 but a great momento of your visit. The Buffet lunch is AMAZING. 12 buys you as much food as you can eat - and a lot that you''ll have no space for. The quality of the food is also very high, and the selection is superb. The zoo part of the park is, as everyone above has mentioned, is really very good. The animals do appear to be very well cared for, have plenty of space to roam as the zoo is set into the mountains and looks similar to a wildlife park. Also worth a look is the cactus garden. It can get VERY hot in the summer, so sun block and hats are a must.

A great day out, and not just for families either! I''ll definately be going again.

About the reviewer (richard32) ...

Became a member on May 04, 2007 and has since viewed 1016 pages.
This member also advertises with us.
This member has posted 1 messages in the forum (view these).
This member has written 3 reviews (view these).

EmmaGoodwin wrote on Mon 12 March 2007 ...
Went to Mini Hollywood on 10/03/07 and weather was glorious and just right amount of people there. The wild west section has plenty of fun things to do including dressing up for old fashioned style pictures for 7 euros each and shows to watch. The zoo was very good and the animals looked well cared for. The train is worth catching if you have children or limited mobility.

We paid 18 euros each (adults) and about 12 euros for the buffet restaurant which was brill with plenty of options for all nationalities and all labelled in english.

All in all it was an enjoyable day and would go back in the future.

About the reviewer (EmmaGoodwin) ...

Became a member on Mar 12, 2007 and has since viewed 10 pages.

jgo wrote on Thu 31 August 2006 ...
Just been back to mini hollywood after our last visit 2 years ago. Well worth re-visiting. A brilliant day out and the animal park is fabulous. You need at least a full day there. it was 18 each to get in though, not the 17 this site advertises, but, what the heck, it was well worth every centimo. And they appear to be extending the animal park even further, so We WILL be going again.

About the reviewer (jgo) ...

Became a member on Aug 18, 2006 and has since viewed 66 pages.

chrisanddoug wrote on Sun 28 May 2006 ...
We have just visited Mini Hollywood (May 2006) and had a fantastic day out. 14 euros (adults & under 14 yrs). We met Ray Murray (dressed as a cowboy) who made the day by telling us the history of the place. Then the ''real'' cowboys arrived and two mini shows were put on at 12.30pm and 2.30pm both brought the film set to life. A free ride around the set on the stage coach provided some wonderful views of the amazing mountains and was a great experience. My mother was with us and had visited the area some 25 years before when it was deserted - she loved it just as much this time. The private owner should be congratulated for maintaining the ''set'' as it was - the experience was all the better for being so different to the usual tourist bait seen elsewhere on the costa''s. We will definitely be returning. Thanks to all the staff on the day who made us feel welcome and entertained like true professionals.

About the reviewer (chrisanddoug) ...

Became a member on Jul 18, 2004 and has since viewed 1374 pages.
This member also advertises with us.
This member has posted 6 messages in the forum (view these).

daddy wrote on Sun 12 June 2005 ...
The zoo is great. Wild west OK but the children and myself prefered the zoo and the spectacular views.

About the reviewer (daddy) ...

Became a member on Apr 21, 2005 and has since viewed 223 pages.
This member has written 6 reviews (view these).

rick wrote on Mon 4 October 2004 ...
Just visited mini hollywood.............Great ! the kids loved it. you must do the zoo bt as well.....the parrot show is good !
Heres a tip. Dont wear open toed shoes ! they fill up with sand !!!

About the reviewer (rick) ...

Became a member on Aug 23, 2004 and has since viewed 1056 pages.
This member has posted 1 messages in the forum (view these).
This member has written 3 reviews (view these).

gyppo wrote on Fri 30 July 2004 ...
We visited here in April, so there wasn''t much of a crowd. Upon entry we were invited to have our pictures taken in cowboy pose, no hassle, just fun and you can buy on your way out if you like.

The cowboy shoot out shows were very well done although the sound was so loud we thought the speakers would explode!! After the show we were all welcomed to mix with the "stars" and the kids got to ride on the horses with the cowboys. The sets are all very realistic, but spoilt a bit by the modern signs for restaurants etc. The restaurant was being built while we were there so the food options were very limited.

We stumbled over the zoo almost by accident as this isn''t given as big billing as the rest of the place. As a family we rated the zoo far higher than the themed areas. The train ride was a BIG favourite with our kids, and us as we didn''t have to carry them for a while! The views from the highest parts are fantastic and the live shows quite impressive, though our Spanish is not!

We will definately visit again when we go to Spain next year.

Oh, and the pictures turned out great and very reasonabley priced.

About the reviewer (gyppo) ...

Became a member on Jan 06, 2004 and has since viewed 2763 pages.
This member also advertises with us (Spanish Beach Retreat).
This member has posted 15 messages in the forum (view these).

kat70 wrote on Sat 12 June 2004 ...
I found this a great day out and the kids loved it, its very hot though.The Zoo is huge and the train around is recommended.The views are amaizing - well worth a visit.I will be revisiting next time im in spain.

About the reviewer (kat70) ...

Became a member on Jun 12, 2004 and has since viewed 0 pages.

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